Spreco Windgenerator S601

Shark S601

High performance in any wind

The secret of the high performance of our windgenerators lies among other things in the aerodynamically optimized high-performance rotor blades. These are manufactured as precision parts from extremely light and stable carbon fiber. They work particularly quietly and with little vibration and therefore do not disturb sleep on board and can also be used in residential areas or on campsites without any problems. The spreco ™ fin ensures a stable alignment of the wind generator, especially when it is tilted on board a ship.

The carbon rotor blades from spreco ™ are also very good visable for humans and animals thanks to their UV-resistant design.

With a weight of only around 12 kg and a rotor diameter of 150 cm, the assembly of our wind generator can be carried out independently by skilled craftsmen.

We deliver the wind generator individually or, on request, as a complete system that can be used immediately with a modern charging booster and accumulators. The system is designed for use at 12 V, 24 V or 48 V and is therefore equipped for every application and all requirements.

Our generators have been subjected to extensive performance tests in various wind tunnels and each exceed the required performance criteria.


We guarantee high level of safety thanks to the patented strong wind brake, visual visibility and electrical protection functions.

Safety and performance are our highest priority during the development.
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Very quiet, light and innovative rotorblades

The extremely stable rotors enable exceptionally low-vibration and quiet operation.


Strong performance through boost charge control

Charging begins even at low wind speeds.


Newly developed hub disc.

Simple self-centered assembly of the rotor blades.


Design protected at the German patent office.

distinctive and highly functional product design

Technical Data:

- Nominal power: 600 W.
- Nominal wind speed: 13.5 m / s
- Cut-in wind speed: 3.5 m / s
- Cut-off wind speed: controller controlled
- patented strong wind brake,
- Rotor diameter: 1.5 m
- Number of blades: 3
- Rotor blade material: carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), precision laminated
- Sheet weight: 250 g
- Speed: 200 - 950 rpm
- Generator: permanent magnet neodymium,3-phase
- Nominal voltage: 12V, 24V, 48 V depending on the model
- Manual brake
- Temperature sensor for battery
- Weight: 11.8 kg
- Color: white, powder-coated, two-layer construction