The rotor blades of our generators made of carbon have
been developed according to the latest scientific findings
and allow a very quiet operation.

They are individually calibrated and supplied with a
self-centering flange.

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Spreco Rotor Blades -
A class of its own


From the inventor of the blue leaves there is a further development. By small optimizations of the already good blades the performance was improved again.

The secret of the high performance of our generators lies among other things in the aerodynamically optimized high-performance rotor blades. These are manufactured as precision parts from extremely light and stable carbon fibre in German production.
The carbon rotor blades of SPRECO are very well visible for humans and animals due to their colour-fast design. Thanks to their special construction, they are whisper quiet and can therefore be used on house roofs as well as in residential areas.

The elaborately developed rotor blades are extremely stable, quiet and light.

Update of the SPRECO Rotor Blades

There is an advancement made by the inventor of the blue rotor blades. By small optimizations of the already good blades the performance was improved once again.

• Powerful
• Very quiet
• Handmade in German workmanship
• Full carbon
• Good visibility, 3-color paint job
• Vibration-free
• Self-centering with newly developed hub disc
• Durable
• Very light
• Very good torsional rigidity
• UV-resistant

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Performance increase for
your wind generator!

Fits for many wind generators of the 400 W class, such as

• Air Silent X
• Air X Marine
• Air Breeze
• SilentWind
• and several others.

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