The Private
Wind Power Plant

SPRECO Shark S601
marks the beginning of a new era of powerful,
mobile wind generators that are quiet like a whisper.

Spreco Shark S601

New design, new blades and new interior. This is the Spreco Shark wind generator. More than 10,000 wind generators have been delivered. Now the successor with more power also comes to you.

Whether holiday home, garage, motorhome, yacht, research station or in remote areas - SPRECO wind generators can be used everywhere.
With our mobile power generators you are independent and can use modern means of communication as well as devices that offer the desired comfort to you.

The Ideal Solution
for Mobile Power Generation!


in Action

The robust construction allows our wind generators to be used all over the world. They were developed to function in the Asian
steppe, in the Himalayas as well as on all oceans.

The housing and all components are seawater resistant and
storm-proof. A patent pending strong-wind brake makes the generator safe - even in extreme situations.

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Now with even more power,
For more comfort.

-Residential and holiday homes, garages
-Sailing yachts, camper vans, off-road Traveling
-Charging stations for electric vehicles
-Lighting gardens, jetties, park paths
-Off-grid * Power
-remote measuring and research stations
-Desalination plants or water pumps
-and much more





House & living space



Order today Your wind generator and
Enjoy your independence & comfort.

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